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Unblock your Favorite blocked sites using world best Free Proxy Server and surf in a way that no one can track you...

Add URL and Press Enter To Unblock Any Site

So you want to surf anonymously online without fear of anyone tracking you, here is the best free proxy navigator that we build for the purpose to help people like you to access websites securely so no one know what you are doing, even webmaster of sites you're viewing are not able to track you while you browse through our proxy server, we have high-class encryption security (SSL) to ensure that your personal information remain safe from attackers/hackers, happy surfing online with a proxy brand working in this field for years.

Apart from anonymous browsing you can also access blocked content that is limited only for specific Geolocation user and sites that are blocked by our Government/ISP. We are committed to provide you high-class security without pop ads, but you may see other ads as we have to pay our server bills and other expenses.

How do I unblock Blocked Sites using this Free Proxy Server?

It is not any more difficult to use free proxy server as they are in past, just you have to enter restricted site URL in provided URL box and press Enter or Click Go, we will care for rest, all blocked sites are opened in seconds but sometimes it can take longer depending upon load on server.
We have fastest servers in market that are capable of handling thousands of connections in seconds, so don't worry, you will never feel less speed, we are committed to provide you with fastest browsing experience, so you feel that you are browsing normally.

Should I use VPN or Web Proxy?

You may think to use free VPN but you should now that some shitty VPN can be hacked easily and anyone can control your PC and can get your sensitive data, so we recommend using online free proxy servers because they are more secure then free virtual private networks.

Why Free Proxy Server is better?

We are better than other free proxy servers in market, we have fastest servers and high capacity network to fulfill your needs, you will always feel safe while you are browsing through our servers, we protect your data using high-class security algorithms also we do not keep logs of what you do online, so this proxy is your way to anonymous world. Using our Proxy you can unblock any blocked site in second, for unblocking YouTube use this proxy and for unblock other sites you can use this proxy server.

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